Outback Australia Air Tours

A little bit of history
I have been conducting Government, Corporate Business & private air charter work from Albany to many and varied locations around Australia for almost 28 years.
The tailored Outback Adventure Tours started by sheer chance in 2010 when a group approached me to fly them to the recently flooded Lake Eyre. Rather than just fly to Lake Eyre and back I suggested a 7 day tour which extended to Birdsville before our return, well they must have enjoyed it because by the time we arrived back in Albany another group had heard about it and were ready to go and so on it went throughout 2010, then with forward bookings each year since. One of the later groups requested to add Longreach to their tour because of an historic family connection (no problem its only money) Having then been and experienced all that Longreach has to offer, it is a must, so has been a permanent inclusion in our offer now being the 11 day tour!
Obviously many of the groups liked our style of touring and requested me to arrange them tours to other locations which they have taken, resulting in us now offering:-
The 17 day Top End Tour which includes Alice Springs – Katherine - Kakadu & Darwin etc. &
The 21 day Tasmanian Tour which includes Port Lincoln - Kangaroo Isl. – Victor Harbor - Warrnambool - King Isl. - Flinders Isl. & Renmark on the famous Murray River.
Who knows ‘where to next’ we are only limited by your imagination!

Now the information
Enclosed along with tour itinerary is other information that may assist. In the past most of my tours have been filled by word of mouth with travelers mainly from Albany, Mt Barker, Williams, Narrogin and Denmark, all departing from Albany. Departing from Albany allows travelers the option to secure their vehicles in our undercover aircraft hangar until our return.

I can and have departed from Jandakot or Mandurah (Murray Field) if I am able to fill a tour from that area. The only disadvantage in leaving from and returning to Jandakot or Murray Field is you would miss the spectacular coastal flight from Esperance to Albany (Lake Eyre - Longreach Tour) but I am sure with minimal additional cost it could be incorporated in some way – for further discussion if we get that far !!

All my tours are fully escorted, I fly the aircraft and arrange everything, hire cars, accommodation, restaurants, location ground tours and I stay with you the whole time, I don’t drop you off at a place and then tell you we will meet tomorrow at 11am for the departure to the next town. I take photos throughout and at the completion of the tour you will receive a comprehensive DVD of your tour.

Taking only 4 guests per tour, not only makes ease with hire car bookings or accommodation alterations, but has proved effective in making the tour a very personal and private experience by giving me the ability to engage one on one with you about the Outback and the many places of interest we will be visiting.
Some have organized their own tour group of 4; others have booked and allowed me to match them with other single or double bookings.  

We do not fly more than 2 hours on a sector before a comfort stop and normally no more than 4 hours on any day and from the itineraries you can see there are many days we do not fly at all.

Although we can charter in almost all weather - All flying during these tours is in daylight hours and only when weather is forecast to be fine or at worst light scattered showers. We want you to see as much as possible so we try to avoid cloud and excessive altitudes. In the event that we encounter bad weather we would extend our ground stay at that particular location. There is no extra cost for the flight just the extra nights’ accommodation.

There has been some apprehension from a very few when enquiring or at the start of tours to flying ‘in small planes or light aircraft’ that emotion has diminished soon after our first departure. Our style of travel offers you far more flexibility to experience things from the air and ground tour options plus getting to locations not serviced or accessible to commercial carriers.

If there is further information required I will forward it to you or **if you would like to visit my office I can run you through the tours on our wall map and show you photographs from my tour library and you are welcome to inspect our aircraft.  

Should you visit our website at the photo section go to the bottom of the photos and click on ‘ALL’ that will bring up just some of our activities.

There is no obligation, thank you for your interest & hope you can join us sometime soon.